What is SOPA and Why Does it Matter?

What is SOPA and Why Does it Matter?

By: Threatpost
Published: February 2012

• SOPA:  The Stop Online Piracy Act is a controversial bill introduced by a U.S. Representative to the House of Representatives. Its purpose is “to promote prosperity, creative, entrepreneurship and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property and for other purposes.”

• Proponents contend the bill would safeguard content creators against infringement, piracy and the general theft of intellectual property.

• Opponents call the bill draconian, claiming legislation will threaten free speech, enable censorship, and curb the very innovation  spirit it claims to protect and that which built the Internet industry in the first place.

• After a series of successful protests, the bills for  now appear to have been shelved in both houses in Congress.  Many experts predict that these were just the opening battles of a much larger war on computing as the Internet and machines continue to displace and make obsolete business models on which so much wealth and power has been amasses.


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