Threatpost Spotlight: Mobile Payments

Threatpost Spotlight: Mobile Payments

By: Threatpost
Published: March 2012

Most of us continue to buy our goods the old fashioned way: using credit cards (or cash) at traditional point of sale terminals, or (increasingly) online. But just off the radar, a whole new world of mobile technologies is ramping up for the purpose of replacing your credit cards – indeed: your whole wallet – with sleek mobile applications stored on a device that’s already indispensible: your phone.

As with any headlong rush into a new technology, however, there are questions being raised about the security implications of mobile payments in all its forms, and concerns that feature adoption is outstripping security on many new payments platforms. Europe) to make purchases with their phones and mobile. It’s still very in the game but, as Threatpost has discovered, there’s already good evidence that warnings about security holes in mobile payments platforms aren’t unwarranted.

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