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Kaspersky Premium

There’s more to explore...

Discover all the extra Kaspersky Premium apps and tools that aren’t mentioned on your box and find out about brand-new features we’ve just added.
  • Latest updates: Explore new identity features as well as smart home and crypto threat protection tools, all now included on your Premium plan.
  • Available now: Kaspersky Safe Kids is your FREE 1-year add-on plan that’s packed with powerful parental controls – see below for more.
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Exclusive to Kaspersky Premium

Your plan includes the latest version of all of these fantastic features and tools

Smart Home Monitor with Wi-Fi Security Check

Today’s hackers can access smart home devices such as your TV and door locks. Our tool warns when unauthorized devices join your network, or if your Wi-Fi password is vulnerable.
  • Windows, Android, iOS

Remote Access Detection

Criminals can use remote apps to access and monitor your PC, including your webcam and sensitive files. This feature identifies these apps to guard your personal details and identity.
  • Windows

Crypto Threat Protection

Fraudsters want to get into your crypto wallet, and will use a host of tricks to do so. Use our tool to detect and block scam activity, including phishing links and illegal crypto mining.
  • Windows

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Whether you're working from home or streaming a new boxset, a good Wi-Fi signal is essential. Wi-Fi Analyzer helps you find the best spot for receiving the strongest possible Wi-Fi signal.
  • Windows, Android, iOS

Identity Theft Prevention

The more scammers know about you, the easier it is to steal your ID. Our feature warns if your apps linked to your mobile number are leaking private data, to help you stay safe.
  • Windows®, macOS®, Android™, iOS®

Your skilled assistant for effective digital parenting – FREE for 1 year!

Kaspersky Safe Kids provides the help you need to protect your children online and ensure their healthy development – while you take a back seat! It comes with lots of powerful features, including:

Find your kids on a map, define a safe area for them to stay in and get alerted if they leave it.


Your trust in us has been well placed.

Last year’s stats say it all

  • 437M
  • cyber-attacks stopped
  • 106M
  • unique malicious URLs blocked
  • 112M
  • unique malicious objects neutralized