80% of businesses are concerned about data protection—are you?

Did you know that:

  • 80% of companies consider data protection to be their top IT priority.
  • 57% of businesses assume their IT security will be compromised at some point.
  • 77% of U.S. businesses have suffered between 1 and 5 separate incidents of data loss, leakage or exposure in the past 12 months.
  • 59% of the most serious data breaches businesses experienced were due to careless or uninformed employee actions.
  • #1 in 55independent tests.

In 2016, Kaspersky Lab was awarded 55 first places and 70 top-three finishes, making it the most tested and awarded network security company in the world.

It's no wonder why 200 countries carry our Kaspersky Lab brand.


Businesses need to be prepared to combat attacks from many different directions. Increased access to corporate data on mobile phones by employees and the use of cloud-based services exposes fresh vulnerabilities, even as the internet of Things (IoT) raises new security concerns.

Kaspersky Lab and B2B International conducted a global survey in which businesses were asked about their perceptions of security threats and the measures used to counter them. The most dangerous threat related to data protection is physical loss and media theft, which companies unanimously agree is highly harmful. However, we saw multiple areas for improvement in how businesses prepare for inevitable cybersecurity threats. Our findings give us new insights so we can help companies recognize potential threats and improve their readiness to deal with them.


At Kaspersky Lab, we are confident that 99% of security threats can be repelled by highly-efficient, automated, intelligent software technologies. The remaining 1% requires a holistic mindset that unites perception with threat reality and protection.

Viruses, phishing and zero-day vulnerability exploitation show the importance of traditional measures like endpoint anti-malware protection, anti-phishing and vulnerability assessments. However, threats like targeted attacks, mobile device exploitation and ransomware also call for new approaches.

Our report reveals that the way businesses feel about security doesn't always match with how they protect themselves. This shows us that companies need more than just superior technological protection: they need the advice of a trusted security advisor. At Kaspersky Lab, we are happy to offer both. Through the assessment of actual threats and accurate interpretation of data, we help companies build defenses to predict and prevent future attacks. This holistic approach is the goal of true next generation security.

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