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Empowering your data center to detect and respond to the most advanced cyberthreats

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Kaspersky Data Center Security solution redefines how your infrastructure and its security work together, combining strengths to create a safe, efficient, reliable environment in which to store, process and transmit business-sensitive data. Your data center security and its protection layers are built with adaptive cybersecurity in mind, guaranteeing that the most efficient and agile, multi-layered security capabilities are available to your workloads exactly when and where they're needed.

What We Offer

The Kaspersky Data Center Security solution is designed specially to deliver optimum protection while preserving systems performance, harnessing your corporate data center's own capabilities, infrastructure and technologies.

  • Proven cybersecurity

    Proven cybersecurity

    Proven cybersecurity for hyper-converged data centers

  • Enterprise-level visibility

    Enterprise-level visibility

    Enterprise-level visibility and security orchestration

  • Agility and adaptability

    Agility and adaptability

    Agility and adaptability that ensures always-on cybersecurity

The overall objective is that perfect balance of cybersecurity and infrastructure performance

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In Use

Agile Security for Hybrid Data Centers

Regardless of your data center deployment strategy, our dedicated cybersecurity solution with its patented technologies and unique architecture enables both agentless and light-agent protection for virtual servers and desktops, expanding our award-winning security engine into data storage environments and physical endpoints. Leveraging our expertise and recognized global excellence, your datacenter security layer now detects and responds to the most advanced and even targeted cyberthreats.

Borderless Visibility, Management and Orchestration

A winning combination of unified management and integration capabilities means you can implement, orchestrate and scale your security regardless of the size, complexity, and location of your data center. Controlling security operations and moving business workloads safely between your data centers, even those in private or public clouds, becomes smooth and straightforward. So you can stay focused on serving your corporate users, while your systems remain secure and always available.

Adaptive Security Framework

Prediction and Prevention work to stop an incident before it evolves into an accident. Detection and Response define the discovery and remediation of an accident. In this paradigm, each subsequent stage requires greater resource consumption to react than does the preceding stage.

Too often, security receives the budget it’s perceived to deserve, not the budget it actually needs. Security must be highly prioritized and significantly invested in to ensure successful deployment and a strong RTO.

Premium Support and Professional Services

Professional help is available whenever you need it. Operating in more than 200 countries, from 34 offices worldwide, we have you covered 24/7/365. Take advantage of our Maintenance Service Agreement (MSA) support packages, or call on our Professional Services to ensure that you derive maximum benefit from your Kaspersky Lab security installation.

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  • VMware Technology Alliance Partner, with Elilte Status since 2012

  • Nutanix Ready Certified solution for enterprise clouds


The Risk

Unless the place where you store, process and transmit business-sensitive data is enabled with the most powerful, efficient and agile cybersecurity solution, your whole environment is at serious risk.

  • Cybercriminals constantly change technologies to evade your security

  • A targeted cyberattack could be happening now, without your knowledge

  • Non-optimized security tools can compromise data center resources

  • Lack of security inter-operability with your systems wastes resources

  • Your VDI users as well as your systems can come under attack

  • Lack of visibility means you may overlook possible attack vectors

  • Cybercriminals don't distinguish between physical and virtual systems

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