Why stop at one endpoint?

Patch all your applications' vulnerabilities with Kaspersky Systems Management.

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Learn how to scan and patch all of your applications’ vulnerabilities.

  • Life isn’t easy for IT managers.

    You know the story. With increased platform, device, software and application diversity, complexity and resource drain is on the rise. To make matters worse, new threats arrive every day, many of them designed specifically to exploit vulnerabilities in popular business applications to gain access to sensitive data, steal money or block systems or information until a ransom is paid.

  • We can help you get ahead.

    What’s the solution? You can save time and optimize security by centralizing and automating essential security, configuration and management tasks, such as vulnerability assessment, patch and update distribution, inventory management and application rollouts.

  • Kaspersky Systems Management helps minimize IT security risks and cut through IT complexity, giving managers complete, real-time control and visibility over multiple devices, applications and users—all from a single screen.

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