Kaspersky Security for Mobile

The increasing volume and variety of mobile security threats – including malware, phishing attacks, malicious websites and the risk of data loss – present serious challenges for all businesses. Mobile devices – and the apps & data they store – have to be protected. However, specialist protection technologies are necessary to meet the unique security demands of mobile devices and their users.

With a combination of world-leading security technologies – and support for Android, iOS and Windows Phone – Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps you to secure and manage all of your corporate-owned and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mobiles.


Kaspersky Security for Mobile gives you centralized visibility and control – so you can see, secure and manage every mobile device that accesses your network and your corporate data.

  • Delivering multi-layered protection

    A combination of innovative security technologies delivers protection against malware, phishing attacks, spam and more. As well as controlling which apps are allowed to run on each device, you can apply different security policies for different groups or for individual users.

  • Rolling out effective security policies

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy to enforce the use of strong passwords and block dangerous apps. In addition, for BYOD mobiles you can ensure all corporate apps & data are totally separated from the user’s personal apps & data. You can also apply data encryption – and other security measures – to all corporate apps & data.

  • Protecting against the loss of corporate data

    If a device is lost or stolen, our anti-theft technologies help you to protect the corporate apps and data that are stored on the missing device. Anti-theft features can be operated remotely – by the administrator or the user – to block the device, wipe apps & data from the device and find the device’s location.

  • Reducing IT management complexity

    A single management console helps you to configure and control security for both your mobile devices and all other endpoints that are running Kaspersky Lab security technologies.