Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Due to the fact that email is one of the main channels through which malware and spam are distributed nowadays, it is essential that an effective mail server security solution is in place. The new Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Server ensures world-class anti-malware and anti-spam protection of your Microsoft Exchange servers (including latest 2013 version) thanks to the new, powerful antivirus engine, comprehensive antivirus scanning of messages and intelligent spam detection. As a result, not only your mail servers, but also your corporate network stays malware- and spam-free while maximizing business productivity.

  • Powerful Antivirus Engine
    Powerful technologies enable increased scanning speed with reduced system resource consumption.

  • High Performance
    The engine ensures increased performance and stability with minimum memory requirements.

  • Complete Protection
    The application offers complete protection of Microsoft Exchange Server and is compatible with DAG (Database Availability Group).

  • Flexible Settings
    Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Exchange Servers offers flexible, user-friendly settings to ensure anti-spam and anti-malware protection that meets your business security goals.

  • Multi-language Support
    The application carries out anti-spam scanning of messages written in different languages, including Asian language sets.

  • Data Loss Protection
    Outgoing emails are analyzed and messages or attachments that contain confidential corporate data or sensitive information about employees are automatically registered – and can also be automatically blocked.