Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 73

In this episode, Jeff and Dave discuss getting back at telesales, the latest from CES, the Town of Salem breach, and some disturbing data sales by US telcos.

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the first regular edition of Kaspersky Lab’s Transatlantic Cable podcast. In this edition, Dave and I cover a lot of ground.

We kick off the podcast talking about CES, or more notably a pair of products for which we question whether the Internet is really needed: keys and a toilet. From there, we hop over to a program, Lenny, that turns the tables on our favorite pains in the rear — cold callers and phone scammers. The next topic is a bit more serious: a hack of Australia’s Emergency Warning Network.

Our next stop is the Town of Salem: If you play this game, you may want to change your password; they have suffered a data breach. We close out the podcast looking at how data is used. This ranges from weather applications to the story of the week, how US telcos are selling user data. For the full text of the topics, click the links below.