Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 67

Dave and Jeff take a look at how promoting cryptocoins has backfired for two well-known celebs — and why hacked printers promoted PewDiePie.

In episode 67 of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and Jeff chat about how some iOS users are being scammed by downloading and using fitness apps. The apps, designed to mimic real fitness apps, ask for a fingerprint to create a “unique diet plan.” Of course, the app actually defrauds users by making in-app payments through Touch ID.

Also on the podcast, we talk about how ads for ICO, promoted by major celebs, are starting to come under increased scrutiny. Jeff and Dave then move onto look at how Internet-connected printers were exploited to promote the YouTube star PewDiePie — a truly surreal age we live in, it seems.

They close with a Securelist story that looks back at the major APT and threat events of 2018.

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