Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 182

Jeff and Dave discuss the cybersecurity fallout of the US Capitol attack, Parler, and more.

Cybersecurity fallout from storming the Capitol

For the 182nd edition of the Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast, Dave and I tackle the biggest story of 2021 so far: the ramifications of the insurrection at the US Capitol, which include Twitter bans and plenty more.

To kick off the podcast, we talk about an op-ed on ZDNet about the cybersecurity fallout of last week’s storming of the Capitol. (I am pretty sure everyone knows about the event, but you can check out more here.) Mainstream news outlets have not provided much insight into the cyberimpact of it all. During the occupation, rioters had physical access to computers, and they even stole a few. The ZDNet piece goes down some paths we won’t follow, but it also speaks to important cybersecurity considerations.

Following that, we move on to Parler, from its ban to its takedown. Somewhere in that timeline, hackers downloaded all of the public data from the platform — even things believed to be deleted. This will be an interesting story to keep an eye on, and not only for the doxing that is sure to come.

Sticking with this topic, we look at Twitter’s ban of many accounts, including the US president’s account and those of about 70K QAnon members. In our chat, we talk not only about the reasons for the ban, but also about what the future may hold for online privacy and speech rights.

To close things out, we consider German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s take on the banning of Donald Trump.

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