Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 164

Jeff and Dave talk about US election worries, Google coming under fire for children’s privacy, another hospital hit by ransomware, plus much more.

Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 164

For this week’s episode of the Transatlantic Cable podcast, Jeff and I look at a growing concern in the States: the US general election.

The story, from the BBC, covers big-tech companies’ attempts to avoid a confrontation between the two major parties in the upcoming election. Big tech has real concerns that fake news — along with a growing divide among voters — could cause real-world problems.

From there, it’s yet another ransomware attack on a hospital chain in America, this time affecting 400 hospitals. Many staff members turned to using pen and paper, having lost access to online hospital records.

We then chat with Denis Legezo from the Kaspersky GReAT about some upcoming SAS Online research. To wrap up, we look at a story about Google, GDPR data privacy, and children. If you liked what you heard, consider subscribing!