Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 160

Jeff sits down with Povel Torudd and Alejandro Arango to discuss the new documentary from Tomorrow Unlocked, “From Kurils with Love.”

Kaspersky podcast, From Kurils with Love edition

We interrupt our regular Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast programming for a look at a new documentary about the Kuril Islands.

The documentary, From Kurils with Love, is a new project from Kaspersky’s Tomorrow Unlocked that takes a look at the Kuril Islands. Check out the trailer here:

For this podcast, I sat down with my coworkers Alejandro Arango and Povel Torudd, who were on the expedition and were involved in the production of the documentary. During our 35-plus-minute conversation, we touched on everything from where the Kuril Islands are, and why they are important, to life on a boat with strangers, and what’s next for Kaspersky. For more information or to see the full documentary, please click on the links below.