Transatlantic Cable podcast, episode 159

Dave and Jeff discuss deepfakes, Russian troll farms, Amazon five-star fraud, privacy in children’s apps, and more.

Facebook and FBI take down troll farm

It is 2020, and an election year in the US, so Dave and I kick off this week’s Kaspersky Transatlantic Cable podcast by looking at Russian troll farms.

In this story, the FBI tipped off Facebook, which in turn took down a number of accounts tied to the Internet Research Agency. That may have stopped the accounts before the disinformation spice could flow. Staying in the land of fakeness, we jump from news to Amazon reviews. This deep dive from the media exposed some interesting things about product reviews on the e-commerce giant — in the UK, at least.

Our third story stays on the topic of things that aren’t real. Unlike politics and reviews, this story takes a look at artificial intelligence and deepfakes: namely, Microsoft’s new technology to help fight deepfakes.

To close out the podcast, we look at some new legislation in the UK that should help protect kids’ app data.

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