Tips for confronting a cyberbully

Confronting cyberbullies? Behave smart; don’t do what mockers expect from you. Check these tips to keep the situation under control.

Fighting Cyberbullies

The Internet can be used as a terrifyingly efficient medium for cyberbullying. It is also very easy to get stuck in an endless circle of hurt from these kinds of attacks.

Take our word for it: cyberbullies suffer bias. This is something that they need to grow out of. You don’t need to waste your time and efforts on these people – instead focus your time and energy on things that matter to you.

If you feel that an online conversation or posts to your profiles is becoming uncontrollable, consider these steps.

  • If you feel like people online are trying to bully, threaten, mock or upset you, it’s time to step away. Don’t stoop to their level. You’re smarter. Just report bullies to the site administrators and let them deal with it.
  • If these online fights keep happening, or if someone tries to take it too far, make sure you tell your parents — it doesn’t matter who else is involved, even if they are people you know from school. It’s not snitching, but rather something that a grown-up would do. It’s important to stop bullies before anyone gets hurt.
  • If someone starts spreading things about your personal life — such as photos taken without your knowledge or stolen from you — tell your parents immediately and notify the site administration so they can stop this.