Don’t get caught on the Internet: beware of viruses

Hackers and cyberspies are not something you only see at the moviues. The Internet is actually crawling with weirdoes and criminals

So you think that hackers and cyberspies are something you only see at the movies? Think again! The Internet is crawling with weirdoes and criminals who are just looking for a chance to take over your Facebook page, infect your smartphone with a virus or steal your gaming account.

They don’t really care who they steal from – it could be you or your Grandpa Joe – but I bet you’ve got more in-game currency than your grandfather. And no age groups are safe from malware. So when you’re on the Internet, keep your eyes open! And, while you’re here, check out Kaspersky Lab’s advice, just for you.

Beware of viruses

  • Make sure you have an antivirus program installed on your device – and do the things it suggests. It will protect you against most of the Internet’s threats.
  • Don’t download files from any old source. If you need something, take it from the developer’s site. If you download files from any source you find, you could easily get an unwanted unpleasant surprise.
  • If someone sends you a program and you don’t know what it does, don’t just run it without thinking. Beware of viruses! They can do all sorts of nasty things, like stealing passwords, deleting files or sending adverts from your account.
  • Even if you get a program in a message sent by your friend or family member, make sure that person really sent it. Hackers sometimes pretend to be someone else when they send out dangerous programs. That’s why you should never just click on a link because someone sent it to you.