Safer Internet Day 2021

A guide to help you make secure digital living an everyday practice

Safer Internet Day could not be more important this year. As you are all aware, we’ve had to spend more time indoors than we typically would have. Even my homebody-self is desperate for an outing with a group of friends, and to get on a plane and travel across international waters again. 

The pandemic brought on many challenges for people, including for us folks in the security industry. Why? If it’s trending, cybercriminals see it as an opportunity to attack. It’s one of the reasons why Zoom’s security came under such scrutiny in 2020. Millions of people flocked to Zoom to keep in touch with friends and family, attend workout classes, happy hours, and whatnot. This was great for the company’s revenue, but cybercriminals went poking around the platform (eg. Zoom bombings) and many of the platform’s security holes were exposed.   

Zoom wasn’t the only one fighting to keep up with constant changes and new cyberthreats. Businesses of all sizes scrambled to quickly transition employees from working in one, or a few, central locations to being spread out across thousands of miles. For us on the front end, it might not seem like a complicated process, but there is a lot to consider when employees work remotely. From managing and monitoring software and collaboration tools, ensuring VPN solutions are up to date, keeping employees aware of COVID-19 related cyberscams, to establishing a device use policy. Not to mention, IT managers cannot control the safety of every employees’ home network and the integrity of their personal devices.

Now, before you get overwhelmed with all the cyberthreat-talk, check out the links below for helpful resources to stay help you *thrive* in your digital life.

Resources for businesses

Resources for everyone else