Safer Internet Day 2020

This Safer Internet Day, take back control over your digital privacy.

Happy Safer Internet Day! The theme for #SID2020 is “Together for a better internet.”

If you’re thinking—why do I care about a better internet? What can I do to better the internet? What does better internet even mean? Faster speeds? Do I get a free donut?

While those are all valid thoughts, Safer Internet Day is about empowering people to “use technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.”

Every day, there are news headlines about a large organization that has mishandled your data by way of improper storage, secretly collecting more data than they should be, selling your data to third-party and the list goes on. This before cybercriminals’ own effort in stealing your data.

Just recently the NFL and 15 of its teams and Facebook’s social media accounts were hacked. If your next thought is that you’re safe from being hacked because you don’t own an Instagram account with millions of followers, you should know that that is untrue.

Safety first

In the spirit of creating a better internet for everyone, which we are always in the spirit of a safer internet, we want to arm you with information so you can take your own data and privacy into your hands. Particularly, the data you share on your social media accounts.

Whether you’re on Instagram once a month or you make a living off the app, it’s important to optimize your app security from time to time. We’ve laid out Instagram’s updated security and privacy settings here so you can start making those changes.

Jumping on the TikTok train because you miss Vines or love making short clips? We reveal the best settings for protecting your TikTok account here.

Recently we launched what we call a Privacy Checker tool. This isn’t a tool where we measure your online privacy, rather it is one that gives you helpful tips, recommendations and how-tos when it comes to setting up your social media privacy.

To get started on the website, toggle between your ideal privacy level—Relaxed, Medium or Tight. Next, select the platform which you will be operating on. Finally, select the outlet and be on your way to tweaking.

Before you leave

  • Keep your main email address and phone number private. Create a separate, disposable email address for online shopping and other situations that require sharing your data with strangers.
  • Use messaging apps with end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp. This prevents anyone, including the messaging service provider from seeing your conversations.
  • Use secure passwords and do not reuse them. Using weak passwords to protect your information is as good as shouting that information to a passerby.
  • Disable lock screen notifications. Prevent just about anyone from seeing your business about who is texting you, leaving comments your social media accounts and whatnot.
  • If you don’t have a security solution installed, take advantage of our new year’s sale and enjoy an additional 20% off our solutions when you use code NEWYEAR20 at checkout.