A Monthly Roundup: Best Blog Posts

In case you weren’t following us during May, here is a list of the most popular articles that were published on Kaspersky Daily last month. Beware of Snapchat The wildly


In case you weren’t following us during May, here is a list of the most popular articles that were published on Kaspersky Daily last month.

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Beware of Snapchat
The wildly popular “instant messaging” tool promises to delete your photo immediately after displaying it on your friend’s screen. However, it turns out that the app is not that secure – but the attempt to make sharing less permanent is very welcome.


Charging Your Smartphone… What Can Possibly Go Wrong?
Modern smartphones can’t survive a whole day away from electric outlets, so you have to charge these devices on almost any occasion: in a café, at an airport, in the car or at your friend’s home. This seemingly innocent act actually imposes some security risks, the major risk being sending all your private photos to someone’s PC because of the automatic upload/import function. Chargers aside, researchers are even finding they can own devices with modified batteries.


VPNs and Why You Should Use Them
Born as a helpful tool for business travelers, VPN has become an essential protection measure for anyone working with sensitive content in public places – almost everywhere aside from the home and office.


When, Why and How to Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account
Social networks have a “net” root for a reason – some people are stuck in the net so deep, that it requires a bold action to solve real-life problems caused by online posts and comments.  We’ve provided you with some advice on how to proceed if you would like to delete yourself from Facebook.


Tip of the Week: How to Delete Your Data Before Selling Your Old PC
An ordinary file deletion procedure doesn’t actually delete your private data and it doesn’t take a genius to un-delete your files.  The only things required are simple software and curiosity. To truly protect yourself, follow our advice on how to securely delete data.


Digital Certificates and ‘HTTPS’
What kind of protection do those “https” letters actually provide in the address bar of your browser? How should you react when you receive a red window with some impressive looking certificate warning? Follow us – it’s not that complicated.


Antivirus Tests Explained
It’s quite complicated to compare various protection solutions at home, and it’s naïve to believe all the advertisements of protection vendors. That’s why independent antivirus testing labs exist. You can read their reports  – but pay special attention to small details! By the way, we usually participate in such tests and Kaspersky Internet Security has recently won two top awards for its protection quality.