Kaspersky Lab Partners with LifeJourney to Support Future Generations of Malware Experts

Kaspersky Lab’s recent partnership with LifeJourney is intended to further the mentoring and support of future generations of malware experts.

Kaspersky Lab is dedicated to mentoring and supporting future generations of malware experts, and its recent partnership with LifeJourney has helped further that mission. LifeJourney is an online experience that empowers students to test out career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and to gain knowledge about the skills needed in these fields.


Through this partnership, Kaspersky Lab will sponsor a total of 120 schools: 99 schools in the Washington, D.C.-metro area and 21 schools across the U.S. These schools include middle schools, high schools and universities.

“Kaspersky Lab is dedicated to mentoring and supporting future generations of malware experts.”

The LifeJourney online and mobile platform helps students find their passions, discover future career opportunities and gain exposure to the skills they’ll need to achieve their dreams. Kaspersky Lab produced a Malware Expert LifeJourney and a Systems Engineering LifeJourney designed to inspire future generations to explore careers in different sectors of technology. Students will immerse themselves in these fields through the journey and learn the skills necessary to achieve success. Multiple Kaspersky Lab experts will serve as mentors to hundreds of students, guiding them on how to navigate the Malware Expert and Systems Engineering career paths, and what it takes to be successful in the field.

Here you can see more about the two Kaspersky experts, Sergey Golovanov and Dmitry Bestuzhev that will be serving as mentors for LifeJourney.




To learn more about the LifeJourney program visit Kaspersky Academy.