The Golden Age of Cybersecurity

Eugene Kaspersky discusses how the world can move towards being more secure.

Over the years, the number of cyberattacks have been constantly growing. But not only have they grown, they’ve become more sophisticated and harder to prevent.

So many more things and systems are now connected to the Internet. This allows for numerous things to be susceptible to being hacked. Because of this, it has become more vital than ever that we protect everything that we can.

The Golden Age of Cybersecurity

While the idea of a “golden age” in cyber security may still be very far away, we are much closer to a time where we can protect all of our absolutely critical data. Strengthening our security on important data will make hackers less likely to try to launch an attack. After a certain amount of protection, it’s likely that cyber criminals would have to spend more money to launch an attack than the amount they would make back as a result.

Below is our founder and CEO Eugene Kaspersky discussing the need to improve security and how we can move toward being a more secure society.