Crypto-threats – are your assets secure?

Crypto-currency has sky-rocketed in recent years, but are you keeping your hard-earned assets secure?

Crypto trading, once thought of as a niche hobby for the elite-nerd, went main-stream several years ago. Now you’d be hard-stretched to find somebody who doesn’t know about Bitcoin or Ethereum. However, whilst crypto-trading has seen a boom in popularity, so have scams and thefts.

A recent study has found some pretty significant concerns around crypto-trading – for example, of the 2,000 people surveyed about their crypto-assets, a third of the respondents have had them stolen at one point, with the average theft being an eye-watering $97,583.

Protective measures are required

With such staggering numbers, the hope is that most people will have some decent security in place, such as two-factor authentication or cold-wallets but many don’t – only around 34% of users have 2FA for their wallets for example and only 15% use cold-wallets (wallet with no internet-connection.)

So, what can people do to better protect themselves and their valuable assets from hackers and crooks? Marco Rivero, senior security researcher at Kaspersky GReAT says that “This survey data shows a lot of people are getting their crypto stolen and even experiencing identity theft. Users should keep a close eye out for phishing scams and fake websites. They should employ any extra security measures that are available to them, such as multi-factor authentication, and should use strong, unique passwords across all accounts. Consumer security solutions like Kaspersky Premium offer further protection against crypto scams and other threats.”