Timur Biyachuev

Vice President of Threat Research

Timur joined Kaspersky as a project manager in the technology research team in 2006. In 2011, he was appointed head of the company’s Infrastructure Development Unit, taking charge of developing and implementing expert systems. In this position, Timur widely implemented machine learning and big data analytics for automated malware detection. In 2014, he became Director of the Anti-Malware Research Unit. Under his leadership, the team received numerous acknowledgments from independent tests and industrial analysts for the quality of how it supported protection against threats.

Timur was appointed Vice President of Threat Research at Kaspersky in April 2018. Timur is responsible for:

  • Anti-malware, content-filtering and whitelisting laboratories;
  • Technology research;
  • Development of threat prevention technologies and expert systems;
  • Software security

Prior to joining Kaspersky, Timur worked as an associate professor at ITMO University. Timur graduated from ITMO University in 2003 and achieved his PhD in 2005. He is based in Moscow.

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