Mikhail Pavlyushchik

Security Expert, Anti-Malware Research, USA

Mikhail rejoined Kaspersky Lab in 2010 as a Security Expert, with a place on the Company’s Scientific Board. It is his second stint at the Company, which he initially joined in 1999 as a virus analyst before rising to the position of senior antivirus research engineer.

Mikhail left the Company in 2008 to take up the position of Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft where he was responsible for developing a search index platform for use online and by multimedia.

Mikhail has nearly two decades of experience in IT security. His expertise includes system programming, real-time data processing, multithreaded programming, synchronization, interprocess communication, secure programming techniques, and TCP/IP environments with a focus on computer security. Mikhail has invented several key antivirus technologies which are currently used in Kaspersky Lab’s products. Mikhail is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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