March 13, 2012

Kaspersky Mobile Security Named ‘One of the Best’ in Highly Competitive Independent Testing

Kaspersky Mobile Security Named ‘One of the Best’ in Highly Competitive Independent Testing

Android Smartphone Security Software Put to the Test; Uncovers Major Differences in Protection Quality

WOBURN, MA – March 13, 2012 - It’s easy for mobile device users to be blinded by the huge number of options for protecting their Android smartphones and tablets – but new tests show that Kaspersky Lab is leading the way. A recent independent study from picked out Kaspersky Mobile Securityas one of only two security applications – out of 41 tested products - which successfully protected against all malicious programs. Most of the so-called competition failed miserably to provide even basic protection against an ever-growing number of malicious apps targeting mobile devices. The evaluation by, which was conducted in early 2012, has given the ‘green light’ to just seven security offerings of the 41 tested. To illustrate the sharp decline in protection quality, discovered 18 of the tested products detected less than 40% of malware samples. Six of which failed to block a single attack, and instead, let every malicious test program install on the device.

Recently, evaluated free solutions in tests against Kaspersky Lab and another vendor. The tests found that skimping on security proved “almost useless” compared with investing in online safety. This follow-up evaluation saw experts analyze as many products as possible. To provide the most accurate results, more than 600 malicious apps were chosen from 20 different malware ‘families’, all of them widespread and prevalent.

The results of these two tests show that just because a security app costs money, doesn’t mean it provides effective protection. These tests clearly show many free and paid-for products - from both little-known and popular vendors alike - appear to be useless in real life, missing a large number of malware samples. Alarmingly, most programs blocked fewer than half, or even zero malicious apps.  Kaspersky Mobile Security was one of only two products to manage a 100% detection rate.

The detailed results of evaluating Android security solutions are available at’s website:

Victor Dronov, Senior Product Manager,
Kaspersky Lab

Recently the number of mobile malware samples in our database has exceeded 10,000. That is why we believe it’s essential to have a security solution on your Android smartphone. We are pleased with the results of independent testing by – they confirm the efficiency of our product as a whole, and endorse our recently introduced combination of traditional and cloud-based security technologies in particular. These results also clearly demonstrate that our product is a market leader, among both free and paid-for products.”

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