January 5, 2012

Channelnomics 2011 Influencers Awards: Part 3

Channelnomics 2011 Influencers Awards: Part 3

By: Larry Walsh, Channelnomics

Security Winner:
Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab

he security vendor on everyone’s watch list remains Kaspersky Lab, thanks in large part to its founder and chief executive, Eugene Kaspersky. Kaspersky has built an impressive company and equally impressive channel around its expanding portfolio of security products and services. The company’s embracing of the channel has contributed greatly to Kaspersky Lab emerging from curiosity coming out of Russia to a global contender in the security market, threatening to displace Trend Micro as the number 3 vendor in market share. Kaspersky has built an impressive channel and sales team – Steve Orenberg, Nancy Reynolds and Gary Abod – that supports solution providers and drive value through the channel. But much of the credit goes to the chief cheerleader, Eugene, who tirelessly promotes his company, products and partners to a market that’s facing ever more powerful security threats. While Kaspersky and its channel remain small in comparison to the likes of Symantec and McAfee, it is nonetheless influencing the conversation between security vendors and partners, and partners and customers – thanks, again, to Eugene’s personal campaign to raise awareness on cybercrime, hacking and malware.


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