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April 1, 2008

Ski Patrol

Ski Patrol

By Greg Masters

SC Magazine

April 2008

Boyne Resorts needed an easier way to protect its network and retail points-of-sale. It found a solution.

A trip to the ski slopes or a golfing getaway should not come with a penalty. One amenity vacationers don't need is to find out that their personal data has been lifted from the database of their favorite resort.

With 5,000 users and hundreds of retail points-of-sale, Boyne Resorts needed to ensure the safety of its internal network and the customer data stored on it.

The Boyne Falls, Mich.-based resort chain owns or manages 12 golf and ski resorts spread from Washington State to Maine. Its properties comprise North America's largest collection of privately held ski and golf resorts, along with four- and five-star restaurants. Read More.

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