Install Kaspersky Password Manager

Installation Process for Kaspersky Password Manager

Step 1 - Save the Installation File

Download Kaspersky Password Manager - English Version

You will be asked to Run, Save or Cancel the download. Click Save.

Run Password Manager File

The web browser will then ask you where to save the file. Use the drop-down menu to select your Desktop, then click Save. This will look different if you are using Windows XP or a web browser other than Internet Explorer.

Save As

The download process will begin. When the download completes, click Close.

Complete Download

Locate the file on your Desktop. Double-click the file to begin the installation process. You may receive a warning that the publisher could not be verified. Click Run.

Install Program

Step 2 - Installation Process

The Setup Wizard will open. Click Next to begin the installation.

Welcome Page

Read the End User License Agreement. Select I accept the agreement and then click Next.

License Agreement

Select the destination where you would like Kaspersky Password Manager installed. Click Next.

Select Destination

Select a folder for the program's shortcuts. Click Next.

Select Folder

If you would like to create a shortcut on your desktop, check Create a desktop icon, then click Next.

Select Additional Tasks

The program is ready to be installed. Click Install.

Ready to Install

Once the program has installed, click Finish.

Completing the Setup

Step 3 - Configuration Process

Master Password

You will be asked to create a Master Password. This is your private key to all the passwords and other personal information in Kaspersky Password Manager. Without the Master Password, no one will be able to gain access to the Password Database.

Using your keyboard, or the Use Virtual Keyboard link, enter and confirm your Master Password. Use the Password Strength indicator to ensure you've chosen a strong password.

Check the box I have read the information below about the importance of my Master Password upon reading the information. Then click Next.

Master Password

Access Control

Your passwords and personal information are encrypted and stored in a Password Database, which has restricted access. Select the authorization method that will be used to access the database:

  • Password protection - access the database by entering the Master Password
  • USB device - access the database by connecting a USB device to the computer
  • Bluetooth device - access the database when a connection between the computer and the selected Bluetooth device is established
  • No authorization - access to the database is not secured. This option is not recommended as it may put your data at risk.

Click Next.

Access Control

Locking Timeout

You can block access to Kaspersky Password Manager when the computer is inactive. Select the time when the program will be automatically locked. Then check the box Request Master Password when Kaspersky Password Mangers starts. Click Next.

Locking Timeout