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May, 2013

A whitepaper analyzing how CIPA compliance is causing new security
challenges, and how best to address this.

September, 2012

In this white paper, learn more about the growing number of APT and zero-day threats against endpoints; and the security options available to mid-market and enterprise users.

August, 2012

Essential information to help you successfully implement virtualization security for your business


August, 2012

Smartphones have many uses, from accessing phone and email systems, to gaining comprehensive access to contact databases. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphones is a new application from a product family based on a uniform set of world-class anti-malware and other core technologies.


August, 2012

The definitive report looking at business attitudes and opinions into IT securityThe 2012 Global IT Risk Report – Coping in the chaos? explores the attitudes and opinions of 3,300 IT leaders and looks at how the global IT community is reacting to today’s changing threat landscape and gives their predictions for the future


June, 2012



June, 2012

A guide to the challenge, the solution and how to get the business on board.


April, 2012

Tolly engineers evaluated Kaspersky’s Endpoint Security 8 for Windows and compared it to endpoint security suites from leading vendors like ESET, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec and Trend Micro. The research found that Kaspersky offers superior Web, device and application control compared to competitors.

February, 2012

Learn how you can find the right balance for your virtualized environment, by combining protection and performance.

January, 2012

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, has officially been named a "Leader" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms. In this report, Gartner analysts note that,

"Leaders demonstrate balanced progress and effort in all execution and vision categories. Their capabilities in advanced malware protection, data protection and/or management features raise the competitive bar for all products in the market, and they can change the course of the industry. A leading vendor isn't a default choice for every buyer, and clients should not assume that they must buy only from vendors in the Leaders quadrant. Some clients believe that Leaders are spreading their efforts too thinly and aren't pursuing clients' special needs."
January, 2012

This guide is essential reading to help you get the right balance between security and performance.

December, 2011

It’s increasingly convenient to use credit and debit cards for online shopping, making hotel reservations, renting cars, and buying airline tickets online. This paper will discuss consumer safety and best practices when conducting online transactions.  What you should do to protect yourself and avoid the pitfalls of online scams? What rules should you follow when shopping online or conducting other business with bank cards on the Internet?

November, 2011

Security considerations for the retailer involve the data center as well as the endpoint.  From a security perspective the common theme is access to rich data. The endpoint, including the POS terminal, is often the easiest path to gain entry into a retailer’s network and data, and that’s where Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements could fail.  This paper focuses on endpoint security and why a comprehensive security solution is required.

September, 2010
The mobility of employees and company data present a growing challenge for most organizations. Keeping up with the resultant growth in corporate cybercrime is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day. As the number of mobile devices, social media sites and sheer volume of cybercriminals grows exponentially, so does the threat to organizations. What’s worse, as a result, many IT departments have become accomplices to corporate cybercrime. This webinar discusses 10 ways that IT departments are enabling cybercriminals today, and offers ways to stop them, based on third-party research and analysis from Kaspersky Lab experts. How does your organization measure up to these all-too-common pitfalls?
September, 2010
It’s a war out there, a war against cybercriminals who have one goal in mind – making money by targeting a company’s endpoints. Today’s cybercriminals are perpetually after data that can be easily converted into profit or credentials that will allow them to transfer money directly from the company coffers. In this interactive Webinar we’ll discuss the growing malware threat, how cybercriminals are targeting the endpoint, and how you can protect your endpoints from the ravages of cybercrime.