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October, 2012

In a world that is increasingly dependent on IT – it is inevitable that the number of threats to IT systems and data are higher, and are growing faster than ever. A recent 2012 Global IT Risk Survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab, reveals that daily attacks have grown from 70,000 to 125,000.

View this webinar recording, and learn valuable information about:


  • Global business attitudes and opinions of IT security.
  • Zero-day vulnerabilities and malicious scripts that steal business data.
  • Protecting your customer's business by managing applications and devices.


July, 2012

This short video demonstrates how Kaspersky Security Center delivers increased visibility and control of network security performance by enabling administrators to deploy, manage and report on device performance.

July, 2012

This brief video demonstrates how Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone delivers AV protection, loss for theft protection, encryption, anti-spam, privacy protection and management and reporting for smartphone users.

October, 2010
It’s a war out there, a war against cybercriminals who have one goal in mind – making money by targeting a company’s endpoints. Today’s cybercriminals are perpetually after data that can be easily converted into profit or credentials that will allow them to transfer money directly from the company coffers. In this interactive Webinar we’ll discuss the growing malware threat, how cybercriminals are targeting the endpoint, and how you can protect your endpoints from the ravages of cybercrime.
October, 2010
The mobility of employees and company data present a growing challenge for most organizations. Keeping up with the resultant growth in corporate cybercrime is becoming more and more challenging with each passing day. As the number of mobile devices, social media sites and sheer volume of cybercriminals grows exponentially, so does the threat to organizations. What’s worse, as a result, many IT departments have become accomplices to corporate cybercrime. This webinar discusses 10 ways that IT departments are enabling cybercriminals today, and offers ways to stop them, based on third-party research and analysis from Kaspersky Lab experts. How does your organization measure up to these all-too-common pitfalls?
August, 2010
You think your educational institution is secure, but do you know for sure? The number of attacks is growing fast among schools and universities. Educational institutions are now experiencing security breaches because they thought they had the network completely protected, but reality is they are being exposed to cyberthreats every day.
August, 2010
Do you know how secure your network truly is? Many organizations are experiencing security breaches because they thought they had security under control. The harsh reality is that many companies that think they're completely protected are actually being exposed to cyberthreats every day.
June, 2009
Social networks are under attack. Organizations need to recognize these real threats to understand the risks associated with social networks. This session will provide a view of the state of social network security and how companies can guard against a users human instinct to accept the content as true and authentic.
May, 2009
Take an in-depth look at the latest security threats facing small to midsized businesses like yours. Watch the on-demand replay to discover specific strategies, sound policies and detailed procedures for safeguarding your business.