Antivirus Security for Internet Gateways

What is Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateways?

Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is a world-class anti-malware solution that ensures secure Internet access for an organization’s employees – by automatically removing malicious and potentially hostile programs in HTTP(S) / FTP / SMTP and POP3 traffic.

With optimized scanning technology, high performance, and support for the latest platforms, Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is ideal for organizations that handle large volumes of network traffic.

  • Support for Microsoft Forefront TMG
  • Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway supports Microsoft Forefront TMG – to provide effective anti-malware protection for the corporate network.
  • High Performance
  • A new, powerful anti-virus engine – plus optimized, intelligent scanning technology and load balancing – help to increase performance and reduce the amount of resources needed for virus scanning.
  • Manageability and Reporting System
  • User-friendly management tools, protection status information, flexible scanning settings, and easy-to-use reporting systems help to ensure efficient security control.
  • Real-Time Protection
  • Frequent database updates provide ‘always-on’, proactive protection against the latest known and potential threats.
  • Reliability
  • In the event of a system malfunction or a forced shutdown, an automatic restart procedure helps to ensure stable protection – while you investigate the cause of the problem.
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway supports most popular gateways based on the Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Versatility
  • In addition to providing web protection, the solution can be used to protect corporate mail (for Microsoft ISA/TMG).
  • Support for Virtualized Network Infrastructure
  • Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway is VMware Ready certified.

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