Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
Why Kaspersky Security for Virtualization?

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization - built for the unique requirements of virtualized IT environments - delivers award-winning anti-malware protection for virtualized servers, desktops and data centers.

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is an agentless anti-malware solution that provides a more efficient way to protect your virtualized infrastructure - with greater performance and less impact on virtualization density. The application is easy to deploy and includes advanced management features that simplify a wide range of security tasks - across both physical and virtual computing assets.

With Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, you can benefit from superior protection - for all of your virtual machines - while also improving your system utilization rates, reducing the burden on your IT administration and security personnel… and increasing your overall return on investment (ROI).

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  • Advanced anti-malware
  • Kaspersky’s award-winning anti-malware engine achieves superior detection rates – to help protect your physical and virtualized computing environment from new and increasingly sophisticated threats.
  • Easy to manage.
  • Kaspersky Security Center – which is available at no additional cost – gives your IT team a single, unified management console that can manage the security of virtual machines, physical machines and mobile devices.
  • Supporting business progress
  • By making it easier for your team to manage hybrid environments – including virtualized and conventional platforms – Kaspersky Security for Virtualization helps you to introduce virtualization at a pace that’s right for your business.
  • Improved return on investment (ROI)
  • Because Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is an agentless solution, it helps businesses to achieve higher virtualization density and performance – helping to generate a higher return on investment.
  • Superior security for virtualized environments
  • Kaspersky Security for Virtualization has been specifically developed for virtualized IT infrastructure:
    • A single, centralized anti-malware solution can protect all virtual machines on a physical server
    • Kaspersky’s industry-leading frequency of anti-malware updates helps to minimise vulnerability and protect against new threats
    • Powerful remediation capabilities disinfect malware
    • The solution provides agentless protection for virtual machines that run on a wide range of Windows operating systems
  • Reducing costs – by simplifying administration
  • Advanced management features help to simplify administration tasks and eliminate security gaps:
    • Instead of having to install and manage protection on every virtual machine, a single instance of Kaspersky Security for Virtualization can protect all virtual machines on a physical server
    • Physical and virtual endpoints are discovered dynamically
    • New virtual machines are automatically provided with anti-malware protection – to help eliminate security gaps and misconfigurations
    • Administrators can adapt security settings to suit different applications and workloads

Many of the traditional, agent-based anti-malware products are not well suited to virtualized environments. Virtualization is all about maximizing the utilization rates for the IT infrastructure - in order to maximize return on investment. However, many agent-based anti-malware products require the antivirus software and signature database to be installed on every virtual machine… which partly defeats the object of virtualization.

Agent-based disadvantages:
  • Duplication of antivirus software and signature database - for every virtual machine - reduces virtualization density and reduces return on investment (ROI)
  • Duplication of file scanning of the base-line image - reduces overall system performance
  • When a dormant virtual machine is activated, it may have an out-of-date signature database or un-patched vulnerabilities
  • 'Scanning Storms' - whereby multiple virtual machines are simultaneously running scans - can adversely affect the performance of the host machine… or even cause a crash
  • 'Update Storms' - whereby multiple virtual machines simultaneously download antivirus updates - can adversely affect the performance of the host machine… or cause it to crash
Kaspersky's agentless solution:

Because Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is an agentless anti-malware solution, it only has to be installed once on a physical server... in order to protect all virtual machines on that server.

  • Higher density virtualization - as there is no duplication of antivirus software and signature database
  • Improved performance - from higher efficiency scanning
  • Automatic protection for newly configured virtual machines and dormant virtual machines that are activated
  • All updates of the anti-malware engine and signature database only need to be performed once per physical server not once per virtual machine… so 'Update Storms' are eliminated
  • Intelligent, load-balancing mechanisms help to guard against overload and limit the number of concurrent scans... so 'Scanning Storms' are prevented
Applications inside Kaspersky Security for Virtualization:
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