Kaspersky Targeted Security Solutions

Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions have been designed to deliver superior, intelligent protection for specific components of your network, putting Kaspersky Lab’s deep protection technologies precisely where you need them most in your IT infrastructure. Kaspersky Targeted Security solutions are an efficient and cost-effective way to employ the very anti-malware technology exactly where it’s required, allowing you to fully protect and control your changing IT environment.
For Workstations, Laptops and Smartphones
Superior endpoint protection with intelligent anti-malware technologies and powerful controls against known and emerging threats.

Solutions Include.
For Fileservers and Storage
Protect storage and multi-platform server networks – while minimizing the impact on performance and business operations.

Solutions Include.
For Mail, Groupware and Collaboration Servers
Email and collaboration tools can introduce malware into your environment and compromise your security. Get the latest protection against malware and spam.

Solutions Include.
For Internet Gateways
Benefit from secure internet access – with automatic removal of malicious and potentially hostile programs from incoming HTTP/FTP traffic.

Solutions Include.
For Virtual Environments
Many traditional, agent-based security products are not ideal for virtual environments. Get the agentless security solution that’s tailored for maximum density and protection of virtual machines.

Solutions Include.

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