Business Security Events

Original Air Date: 1/23/14

Cybercriminals: Know Your Organization's Vulnerabilities Before They Do

Let's face it. Cyberattacks will become increasingly complex and impactful. If your organization is still attempting to tackle malicious attacks with point solutions, you are simply not doing enough. With the ever-expanding array of devices, applications, and hardware, cybercriminals are ready to take full advantage of your increased vulnerabilities.

Original Air Date: 12/12/13

Calculating the Total Cost of Protection

Cyberthreats are increasing in frequency and sophistication. If you’re like most businesses, your IT resources are barely keeping up and you may be tempted to save time and money by just counting on the so-called “free” security that was packaged with your systems and software. Before you try to cut corners, are you prepared to pay the price of inferior protection?

Original Air Date: 3/25/14

The Dangers of Mobile Malware

Whether or not you have an official BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, your employees are doing business on their smartphones and tablets. They may be accessing company email, participating in online conference calls, or just plugging their phones into work computers to keep them charged throughout the day.

Original Air Date: 6/13/13

5 Keys to Simplifying a Secure Virtualization Strategy

The high return of virtualization is hard to ignore. Yet, many organizations soon find that they are overwhelmed by the complexity of their virtualization strategy. Security and data protection can fall to the bottom of the priority list, which will likely yield dangerous and costly consequences from targeted malware attacks. Hosted by Kaspersky and Scale Computing.

Original Air Date: 5/22/13

Your Data Under Siege: Avoiding the Security/Efficiency Trade-Off

Cybersecurity has never been more complex than it is in today’s business world. Confidential data outside your firewall, unpatched vulnerabilities in trusted third-party applications, the astronomical growth of malware, and the increasing number of mobile devices on your network have created a myriad of new risks.

Original Air Date: 5/8/13

Overcoming the Complexity of CIPA Compliance

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires schools to keep inappropriate and harmful online material from the eyes of students. Many schools, particularly those receiving E-rate technology funding, may feel confident that they have adequately met CIPA’s requirements.