Anti-Spam SDK

Kaspersky Anti-Spam Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.0 is the most reliable way to add anti-spam functionality to your software and hardware solutions.

Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK 3.0 is a set of development libraries that allows integration of the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine with third-party hardware or software products. Initially designed for enterprises, the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine also meets the requirements of small and medium businesses and service providers.

High detection rates of spam and phishing attacks combined with minimal false positives and exceptional stability makes the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine an ideal spam-filtering solution for all types of customers.

The Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine does not simply rely upon one single method for the detection of spam and phishing attacks, like many other spam filters which based on statistical and traffic analysis methods (so called zero-time methods). Instead, it uses an optimal combination of multiple methods:

  • Blacklisting/whitelisting methods
  • Sender identification methods
  • Analysis of formal message attributes
  • Linguistic heuristics
  • Intelligent signature analysis
  • Graphics attachments analysis
  • Reverse DNS Lookup

Like Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Spam technology is also supported by human analysis. The team of professional linguists works 24x7x365 to analyze the global spam situation and to develop new spam filtering methods and rules. Such combination of human analysis and the enhanced anti-spam engine provide excellent detection rates and accuracy.

Updates to the anti-spam databases are released every 20 minutes. They include not only signatures of spam messages, but also new spam-filtering rules and heuristic algorithms. All signature, rules and algorithms are created by a team of professional linguists, who work 24x7. And new Urgent Detection System (UDS), makes these signatures available to customers almost immediately upon creation.

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