About our Partner | TeamF1 Inc.

TeamF1, Inc., headquartered in Fremont, CA, is a privately-held preeminent supplier of OEM-ready software to the embedded systems market. Our technology offerings build up on existing operating system tools and components and offer our customers embedded network security and performance-critical, hardware-assisted networking protocol implementations in the form of stand-alone components or complete turnkey solutions. Our professional services offerings enable customization of our highly configurable software products and turnkey production-ready solutions. This leverages our clients' core competencies by letting them focus on product and feature definition while TeamF1's combination of field-validated standard software components and custom development services help bring the end-product to market in a low-risk and low-cost way. TeamF1 participates in full life-cycle development on a wide variety of embedded software OEM projects using our technologies including the latest in telecommunications, networking, internet appliances, broadband access devices and real time applications for controls systems.

With an emphasis on deep technical expertise, superior quality, and responsiveness of support, TeamF1's offerings are an ideal fit for the internet access, secure communications, industrial automation and control, and aerospace/defense equipment markets. Since its inception, TeamF1 has proven to be a leader in delivering real-time communications, embedded networking and internet infrastructure products. Through the years, TeamF1 has been instrumental in getting products ranging from set-top boxes to wireless Internet appliances & high-end datacom equipment out to market for key players in various segments of the embedded world.


Kaspersky lab and TeamF1 technology partnership enables networking OEMs targeting secure devices for home and business networking to offer superior gateway anti-malware protection to their users. This partnership expands the array of options available to OEMs by offering functionality to match threats against the latest Kaspersky signatures database in gateway/ routers, as well as optionally integrating Kasperksy’s anti-malware engine into TeamF1’s SecureF1rst family of gateway solutions.

With increasing demand for anti-malware checks at the point of internet access for home and SMB networks, today’s internet gateway devices need to offer continuous protection from diverse types of malware – from viruses, Trojans, spyware and crimeware to malicious adware and key loggers -- as an important part of their unified threat management strategy. OEMs benefit from TeamF1’s technology that leverages Kaspersky Lab’s latest virus and malware signatures database and detection engine to stop malware in real-time as it attempts to enter the network.

Integrated Solution : Kaspersky® SafeStream

Turnkey SMB VPN/Firewall Gateway


The SecureF1rst Security Gateway Solution (SGS) from TeamF1 is a comprehensive turnkey software package that combines a rich set of field-proven, standard components with an array of customizable options to provide OEMs/ODMs the ultimate in product flexibility.

As a member of TeamF1’s SecureF1rst line of innovative prepackaged solutions, the Security Gateway Solution enables OEMs/ODMs to deliver leading-edge VPN/firewall gateway devices to the market in record time at far less risk than traditional development approaches. Devices built around SecureF1rst SGS offer end-customers ironclad, advanced networking security; easy-to-use device management features; and multiple gateway options.

In order to create specific instances of SecureF1rst SGS, TeamF1 leverages pre-existing software blocks that have proven their merit in numerous deployments, not only minimizing risk for OEMs but also keeping licensing terms flexible. And only SecureF1rst SGS can offer such a comprehensive set of features with completely modular packaging that allows for full customization to meet an OEM’s specific requirements.