About our Partner | Smart-Soft

Founded in 2003, Smart-Soft is a privately owned Russian software development company specializing in Internet technology solutions. Smart-Soft has a range of software products that allows businesses to connect, collaborate and communicate securely and to decide all spectrum of problems arising during using the Internet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Internet users with high-quality software solutions that guarantee control, economy and protection. We strives to produce useful, simple, yet multipurpose software products and solutions to the real business needs of network administrators and network users in companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our Responsibility

One of our responsibilities to our users is to listen to and consider the requests you have and to provide you with innovative solutions to the programming trends and challenges you face. When you buy our software products, you can expect the best support, ongoing product d evelopment and feature enhancements, at the best value the industry can offer.

Our Command

Our command consists of skilled experts in the field of development of client-server and network applications who perfectly understand subtleties of modern technologies on data transmission and rendering of the telematic services.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

Traffic Inspector


Kaspersky Gate Antivirus is an additional module for antivirus protection of traffic passing through proxy server and mail gateway of Traffic Inspector, an integrated gateway solution for controlling access to the Internet and for providing data transmission services. Kaspersky Gate Antivirus provides treatment of the infected files, blocks harmful programs and warns users of potentially dangerous contents. It has automatic and manual updating, reports about infected objects, and all this is shown in the interface of Traffic Inspector management console.

Andrey Davidovich, Smart-Soft CEO, says:

‘Kaspersky Lab’s technologies ensure effective anti-malware protection of users working with the Traffic Inspector suite. We at Smart-Soft have no doubts that the integrated Kaspersky Gate Antivirus product helps our solutions to comply with international standards and guarantee top-notch virus security for our customers.’