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Sensory Networks


Sensory Networks is a leading OEM provider of high performance network security acceleration technology. Sensory’s products allow application developers and network equipment vendors to build higher performance, more accurate, broader coverage network security products without the substantial cost and risk associated with development of specialized hardware.

Sensory's ncKAV is a high-performance antivirus scanner that utilizes the SafeStream database by Kaspersky Lab and content scanning acceleration technology by Sensory to detect the most widespread and dangerous viruses.

“Kaspersky Lab is a leader in antivirus offering immediate protection from Internet-borne viruses and threats," said Matt Barrie, chief executive officer at Sensory. "Together, Sensory and Kaspersky deliver OEMs the explosive combination needed to compete in the network security arena – a recognized anti-virus solution that meets the performance requirements mandated by the speed of business today."

Supported technology: Kaspersky SafeStream