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Netasq offers the Kaspersky Anti-Virus option on its U, NG, V and M-series Firewalls. The integrated solution includes the functions most demanded by users such as antivirus and network protection, VPN support as well as real-time intrusion prevention.

“We believe companies are moving more and more toward an integrated network security platform approach”, said Marc Ziach, Product Manager at NETASQ. “Combining Kaspersky Lab’s award winning antivirus software with our unique intrusion prevention technology will offer customers unprecedented ease of management, unmatched network security and a lower total cost of ownership”.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK


NETASQ MFILTRO mail security appliances include the best available technology into a very versatile email security product range. NETASQ MFILTRO brings back increased security and productivity to your employees as well as email usage back to its original goal of being an effective communication tool. The entire range includes a quarantine capability so every user can manage his own response to mail identified as SPAM.

  • Solution for up to 500 mail accounts: M200
  • Solution for up to 1000 mail accounts: M500
  • Solution for up to 3000 mail accounts: M1000
  • Solution for up to 15,000 mail accounts: M3000


NETASQ provides a cost effective, proactive “all-in-one” security solution, which allows to gain full control of network threats, including open back-doors, viruses, unsolicited mails and visits to inappropriate websites.

Optimized network performance and reduced total operational costs of IT security infrastructure are achieved without the requirement to add any additional components. Automatically updated security tools and remote assistance from your partner guarantee peace of mind.

  • Solutions for SMB: U30 & U70
  • Solutions for medium sized companies: U120, U250 & U450
  • Solution for up to 3000 mail accounts: M1000
  • Solutions for enterprises: U110, U1500 & U600

NETASQ NG series

Both the NG1000-A and the NG5000-A have been designed to protect high traffic e-commerce servers and dynamic university networks or as an IPS probe. They are equally suitable for secure high-speed Internet access and for protect critical data centers.

NETASQ Virtual Appliances (V-series)

The adoption rate of virtual architecture is ramping up fast. The manifold benefits of virtualization are assessed by companies of various size and operating in many different verticals.

Companies are aiming at a greater efficiency and looking at cost savings by consolidating their hardware infrastructure. However, the threats which jeopardize businesses in a virtual world as just as severe if not more than in a real world.

  • Virtual Appliances for SMB: V50, V100, V200 & V500
  • Virtual Appliances for Enterprise: VU (Unlimited)
  • Virtual Appliances for Servers: VS5 & VS10