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Mailwatcher supplies and develops software designed to let you manage and protect data flow via email servers. Through its suite of software, Mailwatcher designs solutions that let you manage and protect data flows via email servers. Mailwatcher builds autonomous monitoring and control tools to enable optimised operations of corporate email servers and IT infrastructures.

Kaspersky for MailWatcher is integrated at the core of the Lotus Notes / Domino server as an additional feature. The solution analyses in real time all messages sent through the system in order to find viruses in attachments and compressed files. All types of Lotus Notes / Domino databases can be analysed on demand, or in concordance with a schedule defined by the system administrator. This method of analysing enables one to target infected messages and to proceed with immediate quarantine and/or cleaning. Nevertheless, the analysis can also be launched solely to produce reports for viral status bases. These reports are very useful in order to treat the bases afterward.

“We team up to offer large companies using Lotus Notes Domino for their corporate email systems the best of our respective technologies”, Laurent Prat, CTO at Mailwatcher.

Kaspersky for Mailwatcher


  • Email Filtering
  • Corporate Email Anti Virus Solution
  • Integrated Lotus Notes Domino
  • Server Protection
  • Best of breed Technologies