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LANDesk® Antivirus brings world-class protection and single console simplicity to your endpoint security needs. By extending the power of LANDesk® Management Suite and LANDesk® Security Suite, you protect your endpoints against viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, bootkits, keyloggers, screen-capture malware, botnets, zero-day attacks, and drive-by download infections—all from the same console you use for systems and security management. The Kaspersky Anti-Virus engine is a core component of LANDesk® Antivirus.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

LANDesk® Antivirus


At LANDesk® we realize that every IT department is under pressure to reduce costs, reduce risk, and increase productivity while aligning IT to deliver business value. One of the key challenges lies in the growing complexity of IT. This complexity has driven our customer focused approach at LANDesk which is based on a single console for ease of use, light infrastructure, and ITIL based automation. These come together across platforms, user devices and location to deliver significant value and quicker ROI for our customers.

Thousands of customers worldwide actively use our solutions for systems lifecycle management, endpoint security management, and IT service management. LANDesk products are built upon our industry-leading, open Management Automation Platform.

Our Management Automation Platform or MAP lets organizations extend the benefit of an IT process across applications and systems. The platform offers a clear and easy way to get the most from your IT i nvestment as you build a set of reusable processes your entire organization can benefit from.

The LANDesk customer focused approach delivers integrated, process-based solutions to help your organization simplify and control IT complexity and align IT to provide greater business value.