About our Partner | H3C




H3C® Technologies Co., Limited (H3C), a wholly owned subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard Company, is a leading global supplier of IP-based products and solutions.

The H3C® enterprise networking portfolio includes products that span from the data center to the edge of the network, while TippingPoint® network-based intrusion prevention systems and network access control solutions deliver in-depth, no-compromise application, infrastructure and performance protection.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky SafeStream

The top-of-the-line offering from our new generation of United Threat Management (UTM) products, H3C® SecPath Unified Security Platforms deliver integrated networking security, including a best-of-breed anti-virus engine and best-of-breed filtering technology. Consisting of the U200-A, U200-S and U200-M modules, each features a multi-core processor and multi-thread technology to enable state-of-the-art security that doesn’t impede network performance. Additionally, they ensure uninterrupted network connectivity, making them ideal for organizations where network access is critical to business continuity.

Through the usage of Kaspersky SafeStream technology, H3C® SecPath Unified Security Platforms ensure protocol scanned HTTP/ FTP/SMTP/POP3, spyware and worm protection.