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Finjan is a leading provider of secure web gateway solutions for the enterprise market. Utilizing patented active real-time content inspection technology, Finjan’s solutions prevent Crimeware and other malicious web content from infiltrating corporate networks and stealing business data. Finjan’s active real-time content inspection technology detects malicious content based on the code’s intended criminal action, without using signatures, URLs or reputation attributes. By preventing Crimeware and targeted attacks that often evade other solutions, Finjan enables companies to safeguard their valuable corporate and customer information.

A key factor in Finjan’s decision to implement the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Engine is its widespread adoption in the marketplace, providing Finjan’s customers with a critically important line of defense as an additional layer of security to Finjan's Vital Security™ solutions.

Integrated technology: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK

Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance NG-6100

Vital Security™ Web Appliance NG-6100 is Finjan’s active real-time enterprise web security solution for organizations with high availability requirements.

Finjan’s NG-6100 appliance lets you enjoy the following business benefits:

  • Control of content coming into and going out of your network.
  • Protection of valuable business information and company reputation.
  • Increased employees’ productivity by enforcing web browsing policies.
  • Delivers excellent user experience.
  • Elimination of Crimeware and malware incidents and consequential downtime.
  • Reduction of administration overhead and acceleration of provisioning via centralized management.
  • Assistance in managing risks associated with data leakage by blocking outbound MS Office documents.
  • Ensured high availability based on redundant, hot-swappable hardware components.

Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance NG-5100

Vital Security™ Web Appliance NG-5100 is Finjan’s active real-time web security solution for enterprises and large organizations.

Security features include:

  • Active, real-time, comprehensive and multi-layered web security solution.
    • Integrates Finjan’s Active real-time behavior-based content inspection, Vulnerability Anti.dote, Anti-Spyware and SSL Inspection engines.
    • Option of fully integrated Kaspersky® Anti-Virus engine.
    • Choice of fully integrated URL filtering engines.
  • True Type Detection – Active Content, archive files, MS Office macros, packers and more.
  • Digital Certificates Analysis – analysis of executables and ActiveX to verify that they hold valid digital certificate.
  • Regulatory compliance – security policy management and tracking help to comply with HIPAA, SOX (COBIT) DS5, GLB Act, DCI DSS 1.1, FISMA, etc.
  • Protocols – HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTP over HTTP.
  • IM Blocking – control employees’ use of IM applications (AOL/ICQ, Skype, MSN, Yahoo).

Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance NG-8100

Vital Security™ Web Appliance NG-8100 is Finjan’s active real-time web security solution, recommended for enterprises/organizations with up to 250,000+ users.

NG-8100 is an "all-in-one" Secure Web Gateway Solution, tailored to the Web security needs of large enterprises.

  • Scalable and modular architecture enables enterprises to scale up cost-effectively by adding scanner blades to the appliance chassis without increasing management overhead.
  • Centralized Web-based management and single point of provisioning for reduced TCO.
  • Wizard-driven security policy decision-making system, with a single-click rules refinement enhancement, to easily set up and manage security policies.
  • Powerful reporting and logging capabilities empower enterprises to monitor ROI and trends, and to adjust security policies as their business evolves.
  • High availability features, including redundant, hot-swappable hardware components, ensure zero downtime
  • Support of Cisco WCCPv2 and ICAP standards ensures interoperability with various networking and caching systems.
  • Integrated dashboard provides instant information on the system’s performance and risk level, using an extensive set of graphs and views.
  • Supports compliance