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Memova -- a new brand of consumer messaging solutions from Critical Path -- provides a better email experience for millions of consumers around the globe. Critical Path currently provides messaging solutions to more than 200 service providers worldwide.

Memova Anti-Abuse combines Critical Path's advanced traffic analysis with sophisticated message analysis from Kaspersky Lab. A turnkey appliance, designed especially for service providers, Memova Anti-Abuse consistently stops more than 95% of abuse traffic and protects against denial of service attacks, directory harvest attacks, spam, viruses, Trojans, network worms, malicious spyware and other malware – all at a suitable cost for service providers.

The Kaspersky® Anti-Virus and antispam components of Memova Anti-Abuse create a solid barrier against all email-borne malware and spam. “Offering unmatched hourly update service and the fastest response to new threats, Kaspersky Lab technology is an ideal solution for service providers looking to deliver an exceptional subscriber experience,” stated Michael Serbinis, Critical Path's Chief Technology Officer.

Integrated technologies: Kaspersky Anti-Virus SDK, Kaspersky Anti-Spam SDK



Memova Anti-Abuse is a turnkey appliance that sits at the network gateway and stops abuse before it enters or exits your mail system.


  • Turnkey appliance implemented by numerous service providers around the globe, and protects more than 15 million subscribers and blocks million of unwanted, unsafe messages each day.
  • Consistently stops 95% of abuse traffic, greatly improving the email experience, with up to 70% of abuse captured by advanced traffic management capabilities
  • Effective against all types of attacks from spam, viruses and phishing attacks to mailbombs, denial of service and directory harvest attacks.
  • Provides a basic level of anti-abuse protection for all users, while enabling premium services that increase protection and ARPU
  • Built on Critical Path’s SMTP Relay Server – industry-endorsed for its high performance and low total cost of ownership at scale.