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Blue Coat empowers enterprises to safely and securely choose the best applications, services, devices, data sources, and content the world has to offer, so they can create, communicate, collaborate, innovate, execute, compete and win in their markets.

Blue Coat has a long history of protecting organizations, their data and their employees and is the trusted brand to 15,000 customers worldwide, including 78 percent of the FORTUNE Global 500. With a robust portfolio of intellectual property anchored by more than 200 patents and patents pending, the company continues to drive innovations that assure business continuity, agility and governance.

Kaspersky Lab's award-winning antivirus engine is supported on Blue Coat's Content Analysis System (CAS) appliance. CAS also features Kaspersky Whitelisting technology. File whitelisting allows to immediately recognize safe files, thus significantly increasing the gateway throughput, and also makes it possible to implement the ‘default deny’ policy.

Integrated Technologies:

Content Analysis System S400


Rising up to the challenge presented by the newest malware threats and APTs, Blue Coat has created the Content Analysis System – CAS – the first representative of a new generation of defense solutions that combines prevention with more effective attack detection, preparedness and response. During product development Blue Coat drew upon the expertise of Kaspersky Lab, one of the world’s most renowned IT security vendors, to provide some key elements of CAS. It is available as either a ‘physical’ box or as a virtual device, with identical characteristics.

The comparison below shows how CAS is different from the traditional gateway-based anti-malware:

Feature Traditional Gateway AV Blue Coat CAS
Traffic anti-malware check check010-249742 check010-249742
URL filtering check010-249742 check010-249742
Traffic check by 2 anti-viruses check010-249742
File whitelisting check010-249742
Sandbox integration check010-249742

Obviously, CAS incorporates all the ‘traditional’ protective measures, such as checking all passing traffic for malware and stopping traffic from the URLs that are known to be malicious/infected as well as blocking the user’s attempts to connect to such URL. However, Blue Coat’s solution is supplemented by multiple new features which have never been seen on a gateway device before.

With the Blue Coat Content Analysis System – combined with the Malware Analysis appliance and Proxy SG appliance – you can automate advanced threat protection at the gateway to fortify your network against unknown or advanced malware.

For more information about Content Analysis System, please visit the product page on Blue Coat’s web site: www.bluecoat.com/products/content-analysis-system.