Kaspersky Security Scan

Question 1. What is Kaspersky Security Scan (KSS)? Kaspersky Security Scan scans your PC to detect unwanted malware, software vulnerabilities, and other non-malware security problems. It can also be used as to see how effective your current security solution is by identifying any vulnerabilities or malware that may have been missed.

Question 2. Will KSS fix problems that it finds? No. Kaspersky Security Scan won’t fix, modify or delete any threats and security problems. However, after checking your PC, it will provide you with a detailed report listing the threats and where they were found on your PC.

Question 3. Will KSS quarantine infections that it finds? No. Kaspersky Security Scan will not quarantine any infections that it finds.

Question 4. How long can I use KSS for free? Kaspersky Security Scan will remain on your computer until you uninstall it. You may continue to run scans and receive detailed reports free of charge.

Question 5. Do I have to register to use KSS? No. You do not have to register the scanner.

Question 6. Why should I use KSS if I already have antivirus software on my PC? Even if you already have an antivirus product on your PC, you can easily install free KSS to get make sure your current solution doesn’t miss anything. The Kaspersky scanner will give you real-time information on your PC’s status. The installation is quick and easy, and you will not need to uninstall your other antivirus product.

Question 7. Will Kaspersky Security Scan compete with free antivirus solutions? Kaspersky Security Scan does not compete with free antivirus solutions. It offers a fast and free check of your PC’s security status. If you’re not sure of your computer’s security status and feel you might be at risk, download the scanner – whether you are running antivirus on your PC or not. Remember that KSS does not fix security problems, nor offer antivirus protection. If you do use a free antivirus product, we recommend you use KSS on a regular bases to double-check your PC’s security status because of the many limitations of free antivirus products.

Question 8. Do I have to remove my antivirus/firewall before installing KSS? No. KSS easily works on PCs that have other antivirus products already installed on them, and also on PCs that have an activated firewall.

Question 9. Does KSS use exactly the same detection technologies as Kaspersky’s commercial products? KSS only uses the on-demand scanner to find threats on users’ PCs. If malware is on your PC, KSS will find it. Daily updatable antivirus databases and a constant connection to the “cloud-based” Kaspersky Security Network service allow KSS to find the latest threats which can harm your computer and put your personal data at risk.

Question 10. Can KSS detect the latest threats? Yes. KSS utilizes real-time information about all new and emerging threats from Kaspersky Lab servers in the “cloud” to ensure it scans for the latest threats. (KSS doesn’t detect complex rootkits).

Question 11. Can KSS detect complex malware? Yes. But in order to allow Kaspersky Security Scan to be functional along with other security products in the system, the scanning techniques are slightly limited, compared to Kaspersky Lab’s commercial products. In most cases this will not result in any problems, but certain complex malware may not be detected such as rootkits and bootkits, that use specific techniques to hide themselves in the system. To ensure the best protection from all kinds of threats, using one of Kaspersky Lab’s commercial products is highly recommended.

Question 12. What is the difference between quick and full scan? A full system scan checks the entire PC, including the hard drive and removable devices. A quick scan checks only critical, more vulnerable areas – such as system memory and objects that run automatically at start up.

Question 13. What does KSS scan on my PC during a full scan? KSS perform three levels of scanning:

  1. Regardless of Quick or Full scan, KSS checks your Windows security status: Is there any antivirus software or a firewall already installed on the PC, and is it on and up-to-date?
  2. Scanning for malware: Is there any known malware on the PC?
  3. Scanning for software vulnerabilities and non-malware security issues: Are there any software vulnerabilities, a prime entry-point for viruses, malware and hackers? Are there any other potential security issues, such as cashed passwords, cookies, or traces of Trojans?

Question 14. What is the resource consumption of KSS during scanning? KSS is a very light tool and it won’t impact PC resource consumption. You can work as usual on your PC without disruption from KSS.

Question 15. Can I stop a scan once it has started? Yes. You can stop a scan from the main window.

Question 16. How many times a week does KSS scan my PC? By default, KSS will perform three regular scans per week. The first scan and then one scan a week will be visible to you. The other two will run in the background and only alert you if they find a dangerous threat. You may also run a manual scan at any time, or schedule automatic scans.

Question 17. Can I change a scanning schedule? Yes. KSS offers you an optimized schedule of regular scans. You can change the days of the regular scans as needed.

Question 18. Can I use KSS to scan USB storage devices when I connect them to my PC? Yes. Your USB storage devices will be automatically scanned. However, the devices can be scanned only during a visible scanning.

Question 19. Can I select the storage devices on which I’d like to carry out a full scan? No. It’s not possible to select a storage device and check it separately.

Question 20. How often do the threat databases get updated? Upon installation, KSS will receive daily updates to its antivirus and vulnerabilities databases.

Question 21. I decided to buy a Kaspersky Lab product to protect my PC. Do I need to remove KSS? Yes, you should remove KSS before installing other Kaspersky Lab products. These products will provide you with complete scanning technologies and real-time round-the-clock protection, so it is not necessary to keep KSS on your PC.