Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT has been developed to combine world-class protection technologies and ease of management.

  •  Anti-Malware for Workstations*
  • Award-winning anti-malware

    Across the world, Kaspersky is widely recognized for the effectiveness of its anti-malware technologies. Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT combines our latest signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted technologies – to deliver superior anti-malware protection for your business.

    More frequent updates

    By providing anti-malware protection for a range of platforms – including Mac, Linux and Windows – Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business ADVANCED helps you to secure a wider range of your systems… including the new Windows 8 operating system.

    Urgent Detection System (UDS)

    Even before a new malware signature can be released, Kaspersky’s Urgent Detection System database is updated with information about newly discovered malware – to help deliver even earlier protection against new threats.

    System Watcher

    When a program is launched on one of your systems, Kaspersky’s System Watcher will start analysing the program’s behaviour. If suspicious behaviour is detected, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT will block the program and – if any malicious activity has occurred – you can ‘roll-back’ your system to an earlier state before the problem arose.

    Active Disinfection

    Working at the lowest levels of an operating system, Kaspersky’s Active Disinfection technology neutralizes malicious objects.

    Cloud-assisted protection

    Millions of consenting users have ‘opted in’ to enable the cloud-based Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) to collect information about potential malware and suspicious behaviour on their systems. This enables Kaspersky to provide all customers with a much more rapid response to new threats. According to third-party tests, Kaspersky’s response time – assisted by its KSN technology – can be as rapid as 0.02 seconds. Furthermore, this real-time collection of information from the field helps to reduce the occurrence of ‘false positives’.

    HIPS – Host-based Intrusion Prevention System

    By controlling your inbound and outbound traffic – according to a choice of parameters, including the individual port, IP address or application – Kaspersky’s advanced firewall helps to protect your systems against hacker attacks.

    Network Attack Blocker

    Kaspersky’s Network Attack Blocker can detect and track suspicious activity on your corporate network – and then respond according to preconfigured criteria.

    *Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT provides protection for the following platforms: Mac, Linux and Windows – including Windows 8. Not all features are available on all platforms.

  •  Anti-Malware for File Servers
    Kaspersky Security for File Server:
    Reliable Protection for Intellectual Property

    Anti-malware for multi-platform file server environments

    Anti-malware for multi-platform file server environments Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT delivers world-class anti-malware protection for file servers running Windows, Linux or FreeBSD. With a powerful antivirus engine – and optimised scanning – it helps you to protect against malware, without any significant impact on the performance of your systems. The application can protect terminal servers – Citrix or Microsoft – and also runs on cluster servers.

    Robust protection

    If your system malfunctions or is forced to shut down, Kaspersky’s anti-malware protection technologies will automatically restart when your system restarts.

    Easy to manage – and flexible reporting

    User-friendly management tools and simple reporting systems help you to improve security – while spending less time on administration and reporting.

    Support for virtualization

    Kaspersky’s file server security solution has achieved VMware Ready certification.

  •  Mobile Security**
  • Mobile anti-malware

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes powerful mobile security that combines signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted anti-malware technologies. You can scan every file, application, email attachment and media file – while the Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) delivers cloud-assisted technologies to help protect you against new and emerging threats.

    Application Control for mobile devices

    Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT gives you control over which applications are allowed to run on the mobile devices that have access to your corporate network. You can choose a ‘default allow’ policy that allows all non-blacklisted applications to run, or a ‘default deny’ policy that prevents all non-whitelisted applications from running. There’s also automatic detection of rooting / jailbreak incidents.


    To protect your data in the event of any files being illegally accessed, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT includes encryption for mobile devices. File / folder level encryption (FLE) lets you encrypt individual files or folders and, for iOS devices, you can encrypt a whole disk or a partition.


    If your business has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT lets you set up a separate container – within the mobile device – so that corporate data and personal data are held separately. You can set up automatic encryption within the container and also control whether specific applications are able to access various resources within the device.

    Mobile anti-theft capabilities

    In the event of a device being lost or stolen, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT lets you remotely lock the device, find its approximate location and erase corporate information. If the SIM card in a stolen device is changed, Kaspersky’s SIM Watch feature will send you the device’s new telephone number – so you can still run all of Kaspersky’s remote anti-theft features.

    **Only available for mobile platforms specified on the Kaspersky list of supported platforms. Not all features are available for some of the supported mobile platforms.

  •  Mobile Device Management***
    Mobile Device Management

    Extensive management functionality

    Granular mobile device management capabilities – that support Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and Apple MDM Server – make it easier for you to deploy and control mobile security. You can customize your mobile security and deliver it to devices over the air or via the user’s PC. In addition, you can monitor whether users have completed the security download process – and then prevent unprotected devices from accessing your systems and data.

    ***Only available for mobile platforms specified on the Kaspersky list of supported platforms. Not all features are available for some of the supported mobile platforms.

  •  Controls (Application, Device, Web)
  • Application Control

    Flexible Application Control features give you granular control over the applications running on your systems:

    • Application Monitor – monitors and classifies applications as trusted, restricted or untrusted
    • Application Startup Control – lets you grant, block and audit application launches
    • Application Privilege Control – regulates an application’s access to the file system, registry and other resources
    • Choose between a ‘Default Allow’ policy that only blocks blacklisted applications, or a ‘Default Deny’ policy that only allows whitelisted applications to run

    Dynamic Whitelisting

    Application Control is supported by Kaspersky’s dynamic whitelisting service – whereby Kaspersky assesses the security status of common applications, in order to make sure they are safe for use. Currently, Kaspersky is the only company that has its own Whitelist Lab. The lab is responsible for monitoring all whitelist processes and constantly updating the whitelist database with details on legitimate applications.

    Because Kaspersky delivers whitelist updates to you via the cloud – using the Kaspersky Security Network – you can benefit from the very latest whitelist information.

    Device Control

    Because users can easily attach devices to your systems, you need to ensure that only authorized devices are used for authorized processes. Kaspersky’s Device Control features enable you to:

    • Control device access privileges – according to bus, type of device or a device’s serial number – to reduce the risk of data loss or the introduction of malware infections from unauthorized devices
    • Set the times for controls to take effect – to help ensure your users can be productive during working hours and your ‘data in motion’ policies are adhered to

    Web Control

    Kaspersky’s Web Control capabilities make it easy to monitor and filter a user’s web browser activity – by category, content or type of data. You can permit, prohibit, limit or audit users’ activities on specified websites or categories of sites – including social networks, online games sites and gambling websites – in order to help maintain productivity and ensure inappropriate or infected sites are not accessed from the corporate network.

  •  Unified Management Console
    Kaspersky Security Center:
    Unified Management Console

    Every feature within Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business SELECT can be managed and controlled from one easy-to-use, centralized management console – Kaspersky Security Center. So you’ve got a single, intuitive-to-use console that enables granular IT security management across your entire IT network.

    Kaspersky Security Center also supports virtualized environments. By scanning your network, it can automatically identify virtual host machines and the virtualization platform that they’re running – including VMware and Citrix. Administrators are then able to set policies for their virtual machines.