SMS Attacks and Mobile Malware Threats

All mobile devices are vulnerable to various threats. These threats continue to grow year over year and will continue to pose a major risk to mobile device users in the years to come. SMS attacks, in particular, pose a significant threat to all mobile users.

SMS attacks involve the creation and distribution of malware by cybercriminals designed to target a victim’s mobile device. These Trojan, in turn, are designed to make unauthorized calls or send unauthorized texts without the user’s knowledge or consent. These calls and texts are subsequently directed to chargeable SMS text services or premium-charge numbers operated by the cybercriminal, generating significant revenue streams for cybercriminal networks.

How to Protect Yourself Against SMS Attacks and Mobile Malware

By installing effective anti-malware software, you can defend your mobile devices against Trojans that initiate SMS attacks and unauthorized calls. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers world-class protection for Android smartphones, and can help to ensure your devices are secured against Trojans and other malware attacks.

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