Internet Security Threats for Mac

Infographic: Attention: All Mac Users

Once considered secure in years past, Mac users have seen firsthand how vulnerable their systems are in recent years. From the infamous “Flashfake” botnet discovered just in 2012 to numerous worms and viruses, Macs have seen a barrage of malware attacks and Internet security threats in recent years. Just a few of these threats include:

  • The Flashfake botnet discovered in 2012 infected at least 700,000 computers worldwide operating under Mac OS X systems.
  • The Koobface worm was discovered in 2008 and spread rapidly on social media accounts on Mac systems, harming victims’ computers by stealing private data and information, sending spam emails and redirecting traffic to fake pages.
  • The Mac Defender scareware was discovered in 2011 and infected thousands of Mac systems.
  • Phishing scams remain a constant threat year after year.

Today, it’s widely recognized that Mac systems can be very vulnerable to malware and other web threats, shattering their aura of invincibility. In addition, Macs with viruses and other web threats can also infect other operating systems via email, instant messaging and other forms, adding to the urgency of protecting Macs from Internet security threats of every type.

The growth in Mac threats, Mac viruses, and Mac malware

The number of Mac malware items is increasing at a rapid rate:

  • In 2012, Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus experts created 30% more signatures to detect various Mac Trojan viruses – versus the number for 2011.
  • Compared with figures for 2010, the number of signatures created annually has increased by a factor of six.

Top 10 Threats for Mac OS X – 2014

In 2014, Kaspersky Lab products designed to protect Mac OS X systems blocked almost 3.7 million infection attempts. Kaspersky also detected 1,499 malicious programs designed to target Mac OS X – 200 more than the previous year. The following are the top 10 threats Mac users encountered in 2014:

Position Name % of Total Attacks
1 AdWare.OSX.Geonei.b 9.04%
2 Trojan.Script.Generic 5.85%
3 Trojan.OSX.Vsrch.a 4.42%
4 Trojan.Script.Iframer 3.77%
5 AdWare.OSX.Geonei.d 3.43%
6 DangerousObject.Multi.Generic 2.40%
7 AdWare.OSX.Vsrch.a 2.18%
8 Trojan.Win32.Generic 2.09%
9 AdWare.OSX.FkCodec.b 1.35%
10 Trojan.OSX.Yontoo.i 1.29%