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Kaspersky Internet Security for Android

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android delivers premium tablet and smartphone protection against theft, loss, viruses, Internet threats and more

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  • Protects your devices from spam, computer viruses, spyware and more with the latest security technologies
  • Delivers real-time, cloud-enabled protection for fast reaction to new and emerging threats
  • Automatically scans apps downloaded from the marketplace for all viruses
  • Blocks dangerous and malicious websites including fraudulent and phishing websites that are looking to steal your money or identity
  • Blocks access to your devices if they’re lost or stolen and locates them with GPS, Wi-Fi and Google Maps
  • Remotely cleans your Android smartphone or tablet, wiping it of your personal information
  • Identifies unauthorized users of your devices with a “Mugshot” feature that secretly takes their picture
  • Optimized product interface to boost usability and performance for each device
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